Borgestad Fabrikker has supplied the refractory needs of aluminum foundries since the establishment of the aluminum industry in Norway in the early 20th Century. Our range of materials has become the preferred refractory solution for this industry.

Thanks to our reputation of quality, cost-effective reliability and timely delivery, our products are now sold to aluminum producers around the world — delivering the lowest refractory cost per ton of produced metal.

We provide complete refractory solutions for all the major production steps — cathodes, holding furnaces and anode-baking furnaces, as well as a number of special applications with top-class refractory materials that will help keep your costs low and promote your competitiveness.aluminium4

Our product range includes:

In addition to our high-quality products, we provide a range of services spanning from design to installation.


Electrolytic cells

Borgestad Fabrikker understands the demands of the production process in detail, and we are an experienced supplier of refractory material for electrolytic cells.

Barrier bricks must provide as much protection as possible to prevent bath compounds to penetrate into underlying material. Here we can offer two strong brick alternatives:

  • BJUF F is the classic ‘good old brick’ used for decades throughout the aluminum industry. Its 33-35% alumina content provides excellent resistance against attacks of molten electrolyte. The brick is available in a wide range of different formats. The largest cross section area is 500×500 mm.
  • ALU 30 is the alternative brick with 29% alumina content. Several studies show that silica-rich barrier bricks like ALU 30 create a viscous barrier in reaction with molten electrolyte. This brick shows especially good results from cup tests with molten electrolyte. ALU 30 is also available in large format.

At installation we use mortars that match the properties of Bjuf F as well as ALU 30.

Our monolithic Thermocast 7.4.1 has become a standard in the aluminum industry to fill and seal open gaps in the refractory lining around the cathode steel bar. Thermocast 7.4.1 is very easy to work with, delivering exactly the right combination of strength and flexibility. Borgestad Fabrikker delivers this product in flexbags tailored to your order, ranging from 25 to 1000 kg, so you get exactly the right amount of product for your installation.

All of our materials are regularly monitored by a number of quality institutes like SINTEF (the Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology), to assure product uniformity and consistency.

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Unique refractories for unique furnaces

Almost all mixer, melting and holding furnaces have one thing in common — each one is unique! That’s why we have developed a comprehensive range of refractory solutions to improve the performance of your unique production.

In furnace linings, the focus is to maintain a stable heat balance throughout the furnace’s lifetime, and keep the isotherm for the freezing point of the metal within the hot face lining to minimize the risk of a breakout of molten metal. We offer a number of flexible, proven solutions — based on bricks or monolithics — that will help you to do this.

Designing the lining is a also a matter of finding the right balance between output volume and the lining’s functional lifetime, the thicker the brick, or castable lining, the longer its life. In addition, identifying the right amount of insulation is an important factor in getting the best solution.

The extreme environment of the holding furnace makes renovation an ongoing process, regardless of the quality of the refractories and their installation. Borgestad Fabrikker offers you full maintenance support for your kiln.

Anode baking furnace

Anode baking furnaces require high and uniform refractory quaility in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The bricks must have high refractoryness and minimal creep under compression.

Borgestad Fabrikker offers high quality bricks especially developed for this application that will increase the lifetime of the refractory lining thanks to its good resistance to thermal shock, low expansion under heat and excellent shape stability during long time exposure of heavy load.

We can match your application needs

Borgestad Fabrikker offers unique refractory solutions for a number of special applications in addition to the electrolytic cell and furnaces in the foundry area.


Borgestad Fabrikker provides solutions that give high thermal-shock resistance, no thermal dilation and low thermal conductivity.

Transport ladles

Lining the ladle that transports aluminum from the cathode pot to the holding furnace presents many challenges. Our recommended solution is based on self-flowing ULCC (Ultra Low Cement Castables). These are specially developed for the aluminum industry, which offers a number of advantages like non-wetting properties, high strength against mechanical wear and low porosity.

Filter boxes for melted aluminum

We supply filter manufacturers with outstanding refractory solutions based on Alkon flow Optimum 300 SR, a self-flowing ULCC monolithic that is specially developed for the aluminum industry.