Good refractory results depend on good refractory installations

Quality counts. Time is money. Installation contracting quality is part of the commitment we make to you, because we want you to have the best possible experience when you use our refractories. That is why we choose only the best contractors, with the most experience and know-how for each individual project.

We take full responsibility for ensuring that:

  • Each shipment is handled correctly
  • Installations are made according to set standards
  • The refractories perform as specified when the furnace is started
  • That costs are checked
  • That documentation is complete.

Borgestad Fabrikker works closely with highly qualified professional installation contractors.

GL Contracting, another partner within Borgestad Industries, specializes in the installation of our products.
They have worked closely with us for many years, and their familiarity with our materials and technologies is assured not only by continuous and regular installation experience but also by ongoing technical training and dialogue.

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